The University of New Mexico punished coach and players alike after off-campus, alcohol-related hazing went wild. Police say they could file felony charges.

Worse, the UNM soccer handbook seems to condone so-called “putting rookies in their place.” Liability issue?

Two players (twin sisters) have left the squad.

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Court documents detail players being assaulted with broom sticks and pool cues… a locker room culture that simply can’t be tolerated.

Hazing is often a cultural problem; in many cases a passive acceptance as leaders in positions of authority look the other way or don’t look close enough.

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Column by Will Weber

Here is an except from Arizona Central

Phi Gamma Delta, better known as FIJI, received word Monday that the fraternity is no longer recognized by the university. The fraternity had been on interim suspension since July while university officials investigated numerous allegations, including claims that members withheld information from police after the death of a fraternity member.

A loss of recognition means the fraternity can’t hold events or recruit on campus.


Fraternity member Michael Evan Anderson died in April after he fell from a 20-foot metal cooling tower on the roof of a residence hall at the Tucson campus.

Anderson and another student scaled the exterior wall of the three-story building to get to the roof. Then they tried to climb the tower.

The family of Armando Villa claims the California State University Pi Kappa Phi pledge died in a senseless hazing. He is the second pledge ever to die in the rugged Los Angeles Mountains terrain. The first was Fred Bronner with Chi Chi Chi.