Hazing incidents from years ago

October 20th, 2014

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Excerpt from commentary:

In the case of KA, a pledge broke his leg, but the fraternity only received a disciplinary suspension, which still allows them meet and recruit. By subjugating hazing to very different ranks it implies that “lesser” hazing  forms may not be punished and are therefore not wrong.

Additionally, Tech’s first and foremost goal should be to ensure the safety of the students, not listen to the opinions of the alumni.  Some alumni may object to their former chapter’s punishment or removal, but injuries from hazing will only continue if appropriate punishment is not given.

The frightening part about this is rising trend that is appearing. The past four suspensions included no repeat offenders, implying an issue in Greek culture, not in individual organizations. It is time for Tech to review their policies and intervene before more, preventable injuries ensue.