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Phi Gamma Delta, better known as FIJI, received word Monday that the fraternity is no longer recognized by the university. The fraternity had been on interim suspension since July while university officials investigated numerous allegations, including claims that members withheld information from police after the death of a fraternity member.

A loss of recognition means the fraternity can’t hold events or recruit on campus.


Fraternity member Michael Evan Anderson died in April after he fell from a 20-foot metal cooling tower on the roof of a residence hall at the Tucson campus.

Anderson and another student scaled the exterior wall of the three-story building to get to the roof. Then they tried to climb the tower.

The family of Armando Villa claims the California State University Pi Kappa Phi pledge died in a senseless hazing. He is the second pledge ever to die in the rugged Los Angeles Mountains terrain. The first was Fred Bronner with Chi Chi Chi.

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IUPUI’s Lambda Eta chapter has had its charter shut down until 2019, according to the “Confidential Bulletin” (Volume 57, Number 1, Winter 2014 edition) of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. International Headquarters.

At least four prominent members of the Indianapolis community were alums of Kappa Alpha Psi and have been clobbered with permanent expulsion “for various violations.”  Those expelled include a well-known radio personality, a Pike High School coach, a onetime IUPUI administrator and a local county official.

This yanking of the chapter founded at IUPUI in 1982 has a chilling effect on other campuses. According to the IUPUI web site, Lambda Eta is the home chapter for students attending the following institutions: IUPUI, Butler University, University of Indianapolis, Marian University and Martin University.

In addition, the International KAP punished “non-participant members” for failing to report underground pledging and hazing. Eight IUPUI members were suspended until 2019 as well, including the former president of the now-banned chapter.

Lambda Eta was also hit in the pocketbook. International fined the chapter $500.00 as per KAP’s Code of Conduct and Rules of Disciplinary Procedure Article III, Section C.

In another case, the University of Georgia’s Zeta Iota chapter was suspended for violating University Conduct Regulations, according to the Confidential Newsletter.

Commentary from Moderator Hank Nuwer:

Kudos to Kappa Alpha Psi International for its gutsy stand on this tough issue. Reportedly some of those punished were hazing victims as well, a growing trend in that schools, many state laws, and nearly all Greek groups mandate that hazing victims report this activity as illicit or possibly even a crime. Kudos also to the member who provided me with this information.





The mother of hazing victim Lenny Villa has begun an anti-hazing organization called Crusade Against Violence. Unlike most USA anti hazing groups, Mrs. Gerarda Villa’s avowed purpose is to shut down all Filipino fraternities. The latest to die is Guillo Servando. 

Moderator: I don’t know what to think? What is your opinion? At least one suspect in the Filipino fraternity hazing death of Guillo Servando has been placed by the government there in a Witness Protection Program. First time that I can ever find that happening.

Here is an extensive list of deaths compiled by Yoly Villaneuva-Ong that she calls “Wrongs of Passage” from the title of my book.


Guillo Servando, 18, Benilde sophomore. He is believed to have died from severe beating in initiation rites of Tau Gamma fraternity. [Moderator: see his Facebook tribute page}


John Mark Dugan, 19. A sophomore marine cadet in the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific whose death was linked to hazing.


Marc Andre Marcos, 20. A San Beda University law student, he was allegedly beaten to death by members of the Lex Leonum fraternity. The accused were cleared from charges in 2013.

Marvin Reglos, 25. He was a San Beda law student who was reportedly killed during hazing rites held by the Lambda Rho Beta in Antipolo City.

San Sebastian senior law students Erick Castillo and Bodjie Yap faced murder charges, along with Arjay Gregana, Jufali Abdula and 11 others.


E.J. Karl Intia, 19, from the University of Makati who supposedly aspired to join the Alpha Phi Omega (APO). He suffered 4 hours of hazing in the house of Rico Mansalapus. Intia’s body was later found in a 30-meter deep ravine in Laguna.

Sixteen APO fratmen were charged. University of Makati students Reynald Marin, 19; Michael Pagulayan, 19; Roesel Wenceslao, 18; and alumnus Rico Mansalapus, 31, were ordered released for lack of probable cause by Makati Judge Honorio Guanlao even with the admission that they took part in the hazing.

Ronel de Guzman, 20, of Hagonoy, Bulacan was taken to an empty lot at a Tau Gamma Phi initiation. He did not survive the beating.

Marlon T. Mendoza and John Lawrence Borja y Coronel, 18, were charged.

Nor Silongan, 16, a Criminology student in Sultan Kudarat, was mauled to death in an isolated area at a Tau Gamma Phi initiation.


Daniel Lorenz Jacinto, 19, from the Mapua Institute of Technology, Trece Martires, Cavite, died from severe bruises on his thighs and body allegedly from the Cavite Cardinals initiation.

Arrested were Emil John Villanueva, 19; Ronnie Mozo, 19; Glenn Angelo Mansilla, 20; John Arman Canicosa, 19; Paulo Alvarez, 22; and Marco Polo Sarlo, 21.

Noel Borja Jr., 15, an elementary student and neophyte was reportedly assaulted to death by members of Tau Gamma Phi. The brotherhood learned that Borja’s parents belonged to rival Alpha Kappa Rho fraternity.


Glacy Monique Dimaranan, a 15-year-old girl who died of a single gunshot wound in the head during initiation rites. A member of the Scout Royal Brotherhood (highschool version of the APO) in Laguna accidentally pulled the trigger of the gun he was pointing at the victim.

John Daniel Samparanda, 18, a student of Lyceum, Cavite, suffered severe leg beatings inflicted at Tau Gamma Phi rites. He died in October 2009.

Charged were Bartolome, 21, and Joel Bandalan 18, a sophomore and freshman studying Hotel and Restaurant Management at Lyceum.

Elvin Sinaluan, 21, a Scout Royal Brotherhood recruit who died reportedly in brutal rites where initiates “were hit by paddle every 30 seconds for two hours,” said authorities.

Eight were arrested: Antonio Rosanes, Ricky Arga, Rommel Pega, Timothy Cruzada, Paul John Caldit, Jecel Alvares, Aaron Amparo, and Aloja Vidallon.

Karl Anthony Gaudicos, 18. An engineering student of the Holy Cross of Davao College who died in hazing activities under the Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma.


Chester Paulo Abracias, a Marine Technology sophomore at the Enverga University, Lucena City, was paddled to death during a Tau Gamma Phi initiation.

A member who surrendered and requested anonymity received death threats.


Cris Anthony Mendez, 21, from the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance, was declared dead on arrival at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Francisco Cruz, who brought the Sigma Rho initiate, faced a civil case from the Mendez family. Fifteen fratmen were investigated. The case is pending at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

Jan Angelo Dollete, 21. A 5th-year Engineering student from Capiz State University died during the final initiation of APO from severe contusions all over the body “inflicted by many.”

Christina Dyna Baldisimo, a high school teacher; Phel Raff Patricio, CSU student; Deneo Machado, manager of RCL Marketing; Dinkee Mandar, Dexter Alvarez, Ramir Bula and Archie Durana were charged.


Clark Anson Silverio, a UP mechanical engineering student, was declared dead on arrival at the Manila Sanitarium Hospital after reported initiations by Tau Gamma Phi .

Marlon Villanueva, 21, an agriculture economics student from UP Los Baños, succumbed to injuries sustained at a suspected APO initiation in Pansol, Laguna.

Charged were Jericho Paril, 25, and Brandon Gonzales, 22, both APO members.

Dan Robert Talibutab, a criminology student from St. Therese College, Iloilo, was believed to be a hazing victim of the non-accredited school organization Kapatiran ng Kabataan sa Kriminolohiya.


Mark Welson Chua, a UST student who exposed corruption among Reserve Officers’ Training Corps officials, was killed by a fellow student. Defendants during the trial claimed that Chua died in fraternity hazing rites.


Emerson Berry Jr., 16, fourth year student from the Casanayan National High School, was beaten to death in initiation rites of the Beta Sigma Rho brotherhood in Pilar, Capiz.


Rafael Root Albano III, an aspiring doctor, was believed to be killed by members of the Sigma Mu, a fraternity of medical doctors in FEU, Laguna.

Fernando Balidoy, 18, probationary midshipman, died as he was undergoing initiation conducted by upperclassmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy.

Monico de Guzman, a Philippine Military Academy (PMA) plebe whose death was attributed to illness by officials. His father, however, believes his son died from the notorious “beat attack” on entrants in boot camp.

Edward Domingo, 23. The Camiling, Tarlac native and PMA cadet reportedly died of cardio-respiratory attack due to injuries he suffered from hard blows to the lower part of the rib cage. Two cadets were convicted for homicide.


Ace Bernabe Ekid, 21, was said to have died from stroke due to rigorous training exercises at the PMA. His family and friends, however, insisted Ace was a victim of hazing and foul play.


Alexander Miguel Icasiano of UP Alpha Phi Beta


Mark Roland Martin of Epsilon Chi

Here’s a tally of the most murderous Philippine fraternities and groups of the decade: Tau Gamma Phi: 8 hazing deaths; Alpha Phi Omega and Scout Royal Brotherhood: 5 deaths; and PMA: 3 dead plebes.