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Today, the former band member called the ring leader in the hazing death of Robert Champion was sentenced to 6+ years in prison–longest ever in a collegiate hazing death.

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Excerpt: from WNYT’s Anna Meillar


ALBANY – Campus wide, University at Albany students are mourning the death of Trevor Duffy, the 19-year-old sophomore who died after an underage drinking party on Hamilton Street.

“Everyone’s kind of shaken up. No one likes to see that,” said Henry Moers, a senior at the university.

His death is sparking a conversation on social media, with students sharing their thoughts on the anonymous social media app called Yik Yak.

“About frats and hazing and how dangerous they can be,” said freshman, Marissa Guttenberg.

Students say the incident likely happened within an underground fraternity- an organized social group similar to Greek life, but one that is not recognized by the university.

“There’s a lot of underground frats. You hear about it, but you’re told also by anybody in charge, like your R.A., not to join them because they get risky,” said Guttenberg.

One of those risks? Students say some underground fraternities turn what should be a social activity into a dangerous challenge.

“You have to drink, you have to take another shot, you have to do more and more to be accepted,” said Gerald Finn, a senior.

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