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Greetings, visitor.   Welcome to the web site of Hank Nuwer. By coincidence, that is me.

Hank Nuwer & Gosia Nuwer and the top of somebody’s head

I am an independent journalist. I write about social justice issues in education and the penitentiary system. I write a lot about solutions to social problems such as hazing worldwide and lately, gang and guard hazing in prisons worldwide. I also interview tons of authors. The next publication is an interview with Stuart Gordon coming out early in 2022.

Hank Nuwer interviewing John Jakes, USA author

I stretch my creative self writing creative nonfiction and short fiction for literary magazines.

I’m married to a smart, savvy lady named Malgorzata. That’s her below in July 2021 as we stalk the streets of Charleston in search of seafood.

Malgorzata Wroblewska-Nuwer, nicknamed Gosia.  My soul mate.

What else can I tell you? I loved every class I ever taught as a professor. I’m now a Franklin College emeritus professor.

Hank Nuwer. Once upon a time all professors had blackboards.

That’s more than enough about me. Briefly, I am an ordinary guy blessed to have taught some amazing students in my career.

Drop a line sometime and tell me about you. Why did you visit my site? Did you find what you needed? I’m here at Hnuwer@hanknuwer.com.

Y’all have a super day. This is my site. Have at it.