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2004 Hazing Miscellaneous (High School) by Hank Nuwer and Kate Lockwood

Savannah-Country Day School
Savannah, GA
Possible hazing incident (sexual)
August 4, 2004

Members of the Country Day school cheerleading squad were reportedly told to commit humiliating and sexual natured acts by other squad members.  An investigation began following rumors of the incident.  Five members were expelled from school.

Hastings High School
St. Paul, MN
June 2004

Six seniors at the high school were charged with assault after beating incoming freshmen with hockey sticks.

West De Pere High School
De Pere, WI
September 2004

Younger students of the high school were hazed by older students during homecoming activities.  The incident involved the students being taped to poles and sprayed with shaving cream.  Others were urinated on, according to the Green Bay Post Gazette.

Buena High School
Sierra Vista, AZ
Volleyball player hazing (sexual)
May 6, 2004 (reported)

A 16-year-old volleyball player was assaulted by an older member of the team while on the bus drive home after a game.  The 16-year-old was held down by other team members while the 17-year-old hit the younger member over the head with his penis.  Four team members were arrested.

North High School
Fargo, ND
May 2004

This incident occurred on the last day of school as upperclassmen paddled freshman students.  Five students who committed the act were suspended from school.  Alcohol was reportedly involved.
Roane County High School
Roane County, TN
August 2004

In this incident, freshmen students were reportedly beaten by upperclassmen with a sand-filled plastic bat.  Four football players from the high school were involved, which resulted in suspensions.  Principal Jody McCloud is set to resign at the end of the 2004-2005 school year, though uninvolved in the incident.

Central Cabarrus High School
Cabarrus County, NC
Baseball team hazing (sexual)
May 4, 2004

Three upperclassmen students, also members of the high school baseball team, reportedly sexually hazed another student in a school locker room.  The three students were suspended.

Piedmont Hills High School
Piedmont, CA
Football team hazing
September 2004

Varsity football players on the high school team have reportedly hazed younger players of the junior varsity football team.  The players reportedly pushed a junior varsity team member.  The players were suspended from playing in the season opener while the investigation continued.

Griffith High School
Possible soccer hazing incident
September 2004

Older members of the Griffith High School soccer team reportedly taped other younger members of the team together and to trees.

Sandwich High School
Barnstable, MA
Football team hazing
September 14, 2004

Nine Sandwish High School football team members severely beat a freshman team member.  Garrett Watterson was beaten on the field by varsity players.  Watterson was taken to the emergency room with a ruptured spleen and was hospitalized after surgery.  The nine team members have been charged with misdemeanors and felonies.

Taunton High School
Taunton, MA
Football team hazing
September 2004

Several members of the Taunton High School football team were suspended after urinating and defecating on freshmen team members’ uniforms and equipment, according to The Enterprise.

St. Paul’s School
Concord, NH
Sexual natured hazing
September 2004

Twelve freshmen students were hazed by upperclassmen females.  The incident involved the senior girls waking up the freshmen student and having them perform and answer sexual natured acts and questions, according to The Concord Monitor.  15 students were suspended.

Webster County High School
Webster County, KY
Sexual natured hazing
May 5, 2004

Three 18-year-old students sexually hazed a 14-year-old student in a Webster County High School locker room.  Two of the upperclassmen pinned the 14-year-old down and the third pulled down the boy’s pants and touched his buttocks.  All three students are faced with charges of sexual abuse.

Milton Area High School
Milton, PA
Football team hazing
October 7, 2004

A football team member paddled a 10th grade team member in a locker room shower.  The paddles were made in shop class by the 10th graders, which were then used by the senior football team members.

St. Pius X High School
Pottstown, PA
Suspected sexual natured hazing
August, 2004

Seven members of the high school’s football team were suspended for hazing sophomore team members.  IcyHot was reportedly put in the sophomore team members’ jockstraps.

Glenbrook South High School
Glenview, IL
Lacrosse team hazing
March 12, 2004

13 new team members of the Glenbrook South High School lacrosse team were beaten with a paddle by older team members.  Alcohol was involved.

By Hank Nuwer

Hank Nuwer is the Indiana-based author of Hazing: Destroying Young Lives; Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing, High School Hazing, Wrongs of Passage and The Hazing Reader. He has written articles or columns on hazing for the Sunday Times of India, Toronto Globe & Mail, Harper's Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, The Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times Sunday Magazine. His new book is Hazing: Destroying Young Lives from Indiana University Press.

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