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This page’s additions will depend on media reports, and so this site is at best an approximation of how many collegiate deaths and close calls are rooted in alcohol as a primary cause. BAt any rate, hopefully this page will spark some awareness on the part of USA students. This list will include all incidents  where students in clubs or sports die or are treated for close-call alcohol poisoning. These have been ruled non-hazing. Thank you for reading–Moderator Hank Nuwer.

  1. March 4, 2017.  University of Illinois student Jonathan Morales died after a fall during the “traditional” Spring Break party event. He was with friends when the fall occurred.
  2. My Hank Nuwer protest against alcohol deaths during hazing in fraternities and sports teams.
  3. SUNY Oneonta new member Daniel Michaels–of unrecognized and therefore illicit local frat Alpha Phi–died of drugs and alcohol following the party that welcomed him in December 2017.
  4. SUNY Binghamton, Conor Donnelly, Alpha Sigma PhiConor Donnelly perished in a 2017 fall while intoxicated. Police ruled it a non-hazing.
  5. Buffalo State College, Bradley Doyley, Alpha Phi Alpha. A former BSC basketball point guard, Doyle died in 2016 a few months prior to graduation. Alpha Phi Alpha was suspended pending an investigation by police. Police ruled out hazing as a cause.