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All students:   Important change of plans.  Since all of you have to check out equipment at least once this semester, let us TOGETHER learn how to do this in anticipation of 10:45 a.m. – 12 p.m.  interview with Zeus.

I will change the syllabus for tomorrow (Thursday) and have the whole class meet at BC 206 and ask the tech people for a lesson in checking out   No problem. I’m here to help.  Repeat: The whole class will 9/22 meet at 11 a.m. at BSC 206.

Thanks Hank



Sept. 24.


Inform Muncie: Editorial Masthead: CHANGED 9/21

Co-editors/Writers of Inform Muncie: Haley, Charleston, Izzy, Tori and Jake.

Video and photography team: Jessica, Morgan, Jocilyn (working with the three co-editors (Haley, Charleston, Elissa)

Our Social Media  Team (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) includes Emma, Zeke, Natalie, Kaitlynn, Caleb

First team meeting by roles.  Action plan by Sept. 30 for a unified multimedia package in Inform Muncie on one of the leading characters in The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  He played Shrek in the June production.

Technical support need to know:

Students may checkout equipment from University Media Services. The checkout location is in BC 206. This link may be helpful

Co-editors: Touch base with BSU account person, Katie Bohnert, by Sept. 8. “I’ll set up an account for Hank with Inform Muncie and will be here as a resource if needed.”


BL 318

Secondary help:

Dan Jones; Instructional Consultant

Online and Strategic Learning

TC 407

Ball State University

Muncie, IN 47306

765-285-6836I am hoping to find story & social media content, in part, through the 8twelve Coalition.  This is a coalition of 20 neighborhood associations and nonprofits (Boys and Girls Club, Muncie Mission, etc.) that serve the Thomas Park/Avondale and South Central neighborhoods.

In other words, Team Informer, we may find sources and hidden story gems as we interact with the 8Twelve Coalition.     Here is some background by Kate Elliot:







Students may checkout equipment from University Media Services. The checkout location is in Ball Comm Bldg 206. This link may be helpful


Assignment:  Make Inform Muncie YOUR magazine.  Check out all below for your assignment.  This is for discussion, not a quiz/study guide.


PLEASE Follow Inform Muncie on Twitter:

Facebook link:

Keep the publication’s mission always in mind, please. Inform Muncie is a publication committed to collaborative storytelling. Its focus on inclusion means delivering an experience that gives voice to the untold, under-recognized, and unheard. This class will add content to the digital and print versions.

The first story and the query letter are helping me decide how to form a professional working staff for the semester.

In a few weeks: The class also will advertise and promote Inform Muncie on its social media channels and give access to people with disabilities and those who are not native English speaking. Inform Muncie’s mission is to provide a platform for all of Muncie’s under-recognized communities. This course highlights advanced techniques in community reporting and writing.