Short Columns by Hank Nuwer, Named Best Columnist, 2021, by (video) Ohio Society of Professional Journalists
Columnist Hank Nuwer and his Putnam County Courier editor Tom Hartley, 1969. The Aquarium magazine.


Hank Nuwer: My 60 years in print

Outdoor toilet adventures

An outrage in Ukraine

John Carlson: A tribute to a legendary columnist for the Muncie Star

A visit to the Cross Creek home of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

White murderers hung for ambushing and killing Native Americans in Pendleton, Indiana

The crookedest crook in Ohio

Uninvited House Guest: KA-BOOM!

E. W. Johnson, Tom Wolfe co-editor and sexual predator

Tom Wolfe and E. W. Johnson
Take me for a ride in your stockcar 

Polish Christmas Eve Traditions

Do you own a goldfish?

What’s the Difference Between an Alligator and a Chicken? (Humor)

A Valentine’s Love Story

Me and My Birdhouse (Humor)

Buns in the Chairs (Humor). The Union City, Indiana’s new coffee shop

Lowell Thomas and Marianna Munn

Lowell and Marianna Thomas

The history of Union City’s Harter Park (Indiana and Ohio)

Painter Howard Christy: serious murals and lesser illustrations

A Notorious Bank Robbery

Murder Most Foul: The Monster Timothy Rodeheffer


The Tragic Death of George Coover (Dragged by Spooked Horses)

Gosia’s story: Union City, Indiana/Darke County, Ohio love story

Malgorzata (Gosia) Nuwer

A Jazz Age Love Triangle (Also a Writer’s Digest Magazine honorable mention award-winning story, 2021). Dorothy Rowe Gets to Choose Her Husband or Her Lover.

Henry Van Dyke St. Clair

In Bed with Carl Sandburg (humor)

The Toad not Taken (Humor column) 

The Unthinkable Death of Berenice Keffer, a Union City (In.) Librarian

Union City (Indiana) Carnegie Library and Lawrence Sexton

“Hawk Haven”: August 2020. Darke County Daily Advocate

Fraternity Deaths

Bloomberg Shuts Down Greek Life

Monroe Roberson

Darke County hanging of Monroe Roberson

Rick Derringer, Randy Hobbs, and Sloopy

Harry Clayton Stutz and wife

The valiant sacrifice of Doug Dickey in Vietnam: a biography by John B. Lang

Wild turkey, Thanksgiving myths, and Prof. Ben O’Neill

The Professors who helped me start writing: Fraser Drew and Annette T. Rottenberg

Nautical Archeology and John Dorwin

Sung-Jae Park

Bicycle expert Christopher Thompson

Gary Dodson and antlered fly research

Ball State professor Les Smith

Ball State Storm Chaser David Arnold

Zdislaw Swiecki:  From the Resistance to Man of Stamps

Marianna Zamlauski-Tucker and a passion for the human kidney


Howie Schaefer: Darke County Pheasants Forever 

History of Indianapolis’s Confederate monument

Essay on mask wearing during pandemic

Woodstock review

How to die in under 8 seconds (bull riding)

Apollo 11 New York City parade

Hazing (The Conversation scholarship)

To a Hunter Dying Young. Link–ToaHunterdyingyoung
Hunting with a brahma bull link–WayneDavis
Hank Nuwer’s tropical fish column (pseudonym Al Gae)theaquariumfeb1970
On the Current River with Steve Paris–HankNuwerwhitewater
Chris Freeze: Wine & Opera Expert–ChrisFreeze

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Taxidermist

Why Young Writers Need a Portfolio

Review: In Defense of Hunting by James A. Swan

Wine and spirits columns: Beverage
Michael Matherly, Wildlife Artist Part One