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 Listen to Hank on NPR May 4, 2021.  

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NASPA BIO: Hank Nuwer is a professor [emeritus prof, 2020] at Franklin College and began researching hazing as an international human rights abuse issue and pushing prevention in high schools and on college campuses in 1978 with an article in Human Behavior. He has discussed the topic on roughly 150 television and radio shows, including NPR, “Today Show,” CNN, ESPN, “Anderson Cooper 360” and “20/20”; has presented at more than 100 universities, including University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Cornell, University of Oregon, University of Toronto and University of Illinois; has authored dozens of scholarly articles and has been cited in more than 200 scholarly books, dissertations and articles; he has written one play, one novel and five scholarly books on hazing, including “Hazing: Destroying Young Lives,” “High School Hazing” and “The Hazing Reader.” His book, “Broken Pledges,” was made into an NBC Movie called “Moment of Truth: Broken Pledges.” He is considered an expert in the field both nationally and internationally, fielding dozens of interview requests annually.
In addition to serving for 32 NCSI, Nuwer is a founding board member of, which honored him with naming its top award the “Hank Nuwer Anti-Hazing Award.” Former quarterback Peyton Manning was a past award recipient. Nuwer is also a Kids-in-the-House expert on bullying and a former columnist for He was granted an honorary doctorate from State University of New York for service and books related to hazing; he founded the Hazing Collection at SUNY’s Buffalo State College Library Hazing Collection for scholarly research. He has written articles on hazing for Campus Safety Magazine, Athletic Business, Harper’s, the New York Times Sunday Magazine and Fraternal Law.


HANK NUWER, accepting Phi Delta Theta Faculty Member of Year Award


Hank Nuwer Northeast Greek Leadership Award

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Speech to parents of hazing victims

National Public Radio presentation

Buffalo State College award

Background: Harvard University newspaper interview with Hank Nuwer

University of Pennsylvania presentation

Eastern Illinois talk

Hank Nuwer @ Univ. of Maine

Florida A & M panel

Lehigh University presentation on bystander intervention

Coe College dinner talk

PaperClip online presentation

Union College hazing panel discussion


Prof. Hank Nuwer, PO Box 367, Union City, IN 47390;  Email: 

Past NASPA Course: Containing Hazing in Student Organizations & Athletic Teams

Malgorzata Wroblewska-Nuwer; Hank Nuwer

Northeast Greek Leadership Hank Nuwer Award

Bio: Nuwer, a contributor to the scholarly “The Conversation” online magazine

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Speaking at a major Penn State panel on hazing reforms in fraternities and sororities 

Keynote speaker at 2018 convocation of parents that have lost children to hazing

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Video: Hank Nuwer

Links to Hank Nuwer Hazing Videos

With Jim and Ev Piazza (Hazing Deaths, 2021)

Unless a Death Occurs: a death at Plattsburgh State by water torture

Interview from Family Matters at 11-minute part of video

Here are numerous free hazing videos of journalist Hank Nuwer produced by Kids in the House.

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Hazing expert Hank Nuwer discusses bans on Greek social life (See 1 minute and 30 second mark of video–scroll down for video)

A Death at West Virginia University

What are the facts on hazing? Authors John Hechinger and Hank Nuwer

Hidden hazing danger: summer and sports camps

“Hazing Expert” Hank Nuwer Audio interview: Alumni financial support 

The Hazing Death of Chad Meredith

A Heart-wrenching Look at Bullying and Hazing (Starts at 2 minute and 25 second mark).

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“The Broken Pledge.”

Al Jazeera: Sports Hazing

Al Jazeera: Fraternity Hazing

Hank Nuwer and Carson Stuckey parents on CBS Sunday Morning: Hazing Deaths 

Hazing, Alcohol, Cyberbullying Speaker (New: August 24, 2019)

  • From Eric Pope of Rochester Institute of Technology: “RIT’s Fraternity & Sorority Life was honored to have the internationally renowned hazing prevention expert, Hank Nuwer, as our Hazing Prevention Week Keynote speaker. Professor Nuwer was able to share powerful stories on how hazing has impacted the lives of not only the victims but the families, friends, and others which really hit home to our community. . . .Hearing the stories about how others have suffered has only strengthened my resolve to continue fighting against this evil. “ 
  • Hank Nuwer: a man on a mission to end hazing deaths
  • Member of National Panhellenic Conference panel for reforms


Important: He speaks as an author and journalist, not an antihazing activist. If you want your students to hear the good and bad news about hazing directly from a speaker, consider inviting him. He pulls no punches. His background as a college student at Buffalo State was in Greek life and athletics (baseball player and soccer manager). 2018 BSC Hall of Fame induction of 1967 Soccer champions.

Coe College main speaker


Writing Conference Speaker: nonfiction, literary journalism, fiction  


Hank Nuwer, author of the award-winning To the Young Writer, and How to Write Like an Expert, has taught numerous topics at conferences for new, teenage, and veteran writers. Fee is negotiable depending on your need for his expertise. 

Topics: Using fiction methods in your magazine articles; profiles to die for; adding database reporting and investigative reporting to your stories; the importance of becoming the best ever in your topic.

Midwest Writers interview with Hank

Conference: George Plimpton, guest. Hank Nuwer, keynote speaker

Former editor-in-chief Nuwer speaking

Every talk filled with writing and editing tips

How to Write Like an Expert: just one of his sample talks

Sample Talks

June 10, 2019. International conference on trafficking, labor slaves link:  conference 

June 10, 2019 conference. Warsaw, Poland. Nuwer far right


University of the Basque Country, Spain October 8, 2014