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Hank Nuwer Q and A with Kurt Vonnegut
Kurt Vonnegut and Gallapagos–Kurtvonnegut_galapagos
Hank Nuwer Q and A with Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak at age 53 LINK: Mauricesendakage53
Interview with Shane’s Jack Schaefer
Hank Nuwer’s Conversation with Angelo Pizzo (Hoosiers, Rudy)
Nuwer chat with Mickey Spillane: Note–the intro is a PARODY but the interview is authentic–link spillane
Nuwer with John Jakes interview link: JohnJakesauthor
Hank Nuwer and the legendary writer Harry Crews: obituary
Harry Crews: short feature by Hank Nuwer–Harrycrews:hanknuwer
A Matter of Perception: Hank Nuwer interview with David Mamet
Hank Nuwer Feature Article: Elbert Hubbard and the Roycroft Movement
Diane Ackerman, etc.–DianeAckerman:NemerovHankNuwer
Stuart Gordon, Chicago movie and theater star–LINK: stuartgordon

Enjoy a conversation with author Tim O’Brien conducted by Joe Jansen, an Indianapolis writer, and Hank Nuwer at the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, 2016. The conversation was recorded at a public meet-and-greet fundraiser featuring Mr. O’Brien. Sound quality is not the best. It is a phone recording. Please credit Mr. O’Brien and Vonnegut Library if you use any quotations in scholarly work.  Soundcloud link

Tim O’Brien and Joe JansenDavid Mamet in conversation with Hank Nuwer–Link–DavidMametinconversationInterview with Richard Dunlop, biographer of Wild Bill Donovan. Part One—RichardDunlopone and Dunlop Part Two–RichardDunlopparttwo

Hank Nuwer Short Column: Poet and Angler Ron Rash
Hank Nuwer Q and A: Finding Deliverance with author and poet James Dickey
Hank Nuwer Q and A with Native American artist Fritz Scholder
Writing for Children: Hank Nuwer interview with Rebecca Dotlich — Rebecca Dotlich
Hank Nuwer interview with poet and novelist and gourmet Jim Harrison
EzraPound Appreciation by Hank Nuwer Hank Nuwer
Hank Nuwer conversation with George Plimpton
Hank Nuwer Q & A: Enjoy an interview with William Least Heat Moon discussing Blue Highways
Hank Nuwer Q & A with Mystery Writer Paul Engleman 
Nuwer, Gosia Nuwer, John McCaskill
Nuwer, Hank. “Mark Steadman’s Comedy of Ethos.”  Mark Steadman
Hank Nuwer Interview with Louis LAmour_Renaissance Cowman:
Hank Nuwer Q and A with poet  Henry Taylor
Herbert Gold interview: Herbert Gold
Hank Nuwer interview with John Jakes
Galway Kinnell interview Galway Kinnell
Journalist Pat O’Driscoll Patrick O’Driscoll, Pat O’Driscoll
Hank Nuwer interview with poet Thom Gunn
History of the Overland Monthly by Hank Nuwer: OverlandMonthly   Citation: Nuwer, Hank, “Overland Monthly ,” Regional Interest Magazines of the United States, edited by Sam Riley, 1985.

On September 16, 1988, Hank Nuwer delivered a casual talk on “Tom Wolfe and the Agrarians” at the Tom Wolfe Symposium. Here is the address at that symposium delivered by Tom Wolfe

Hank Nuwer
Hank Nuwer & Norman Mailer
Hank Nuwer (center) and Norman Mailer (right) attend a reception
prior to Mailer’s talk and interview at the University of Nevada

Nuwer and Norman Mailer–Hank Nuwer essay