Features and essays by Hank Nuwer

Lawyer Joel Hyatt profile/cover story for Success Magazine–Link: JoelHyatt

On the American Chestnut: Can the king of the forest regain his throne? Interview with Chestnut expert Charles R. Burnham, Univ. of Minnesota

Shipwrecks, Richard Steffy, George Bass, Fred van Doorninck: Part One–BassSteffyPartone
and Institute of Nautical Archaeology, Part Two–BassSteffyPart2
Barbara Nessim etc.–Barbaranessim
1992 Whiz Kids with computers Link–whizkids
Trout Fishing in Indiana?
The Big Awfully Bad Whopper I Told My Father
Flyfishing Enthusiast Warren Vander Hill
Book Review of Robert Laxalt

On Lumberjack Sports: An examination of logging sports and top competitors.

Storm chaser David Arnold, Physics professor Ronald Cosby, Kidney expert Marianna Zamlauski-Tucker: Ball State University

Cartoonist Jim Davis, Garfield, Popular Culture’s M. Thomas Inge–GarfieldJimDavisHankNuwer

Humor/Travel: Whalewatching in California–Whale-chasing for Country Gentleman

Hazel Sigafoose and Glen Sigafoose (by Hank Nuwer under Thomas Granger pseudonym) link–HazelSigafoose
Humanitarian dentist William Carl of Buffalo, NY LINK–Dr.williamcarl
Christie Hefner feature for Ozark Magazine link: Christiehefner
Martin Marty, Pat Robertson and other religious leaders (link)–Martinmarty