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Hazing: Destroying Young Lives is a compelling look at how universities, the military, and other social groups can learn from past mistakes and protect their members going forward. 

Table of Contents: Hazing–Destroying Young Lives by Hank Nuwer

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Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey: Hank’s novel is for teens 11-18 but also meant to be enjoyed by adults. Read his Shalako Press bio here. Read the Kirkus review below.

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Sons of the Dawn book review by Nuvo Newsweekly: “Franklin College professor Hank Nuwer’s Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey, has all the dusty bravado and high noon tension of a Wild West shoot-em-up. But it’s more than a genre exercise. [Published] by Shalako Press, Nuwer’s Western novel tackles weightier topics such as cultural diversity in 1890s Idaho, and the related issues of hazing and bullying (Nuwer is known internationally as an expert on bullying).” — Reviewer Jim Garlits

Sons of the Dawn, Hank Nuwer


Hank Nuwer (on horseback) interviewing herder Lucien Millox, Crazy Woman Creek, Wyoming
Hank Nuwer (brown coat) with Jacinto Madrieta (center), Guernica survivor, Basque herder, and model for Tubal in “Sons of the Dawn”


Looking for something different for your hazing education needs?  Consider finding a male adviser or older fraternity alum or theatre department faculty member and put on Hank Nuwer’s one-man play (available on Amazon and Stophazing.org) “The Broken Pledge.”  Link to play

The play is also downloadable on your mobile phone and/or Ipad.

Hank does not charge any royalty for any group or individual that puts on his play but suggests that you make a contribution to one of his preferred charities. Note: for my sports issues class I rewrote the play as “Death of a Rookie” instead of a pledge. I can send this version if you wish (no charge, of course).

Nuwer’s “Beyond Survival” play has been performed at the University of Nevada. He also was an American Conservatory Theater (San Francisco) award winner for his three-act adaptation of Stephen Crane’s “The Monster.”

The Hindu Reviews Hank Nuwer’s Legend of Jesse Owens

Author Hank Nuwer, who wrote the book ‘The Legend of Jesse Owens’ said, “Jesse Owens excelled at life long after his athletic abilities were gone. He learned to manage his money and became quite wealthy from his speaking engagements. “More than that, he was a positive influence on many young people in this country. The memory of Jesse Owens will last forever.”

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The Buffalo State Hank Nuwer Hazing Collection 

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