Occasional keynote speaker on hazing issues: available Hazing Prevention Month

Hank Nuwer on a visit to Warsaw, Poland, to speak on hazing in U.S. prisons
Next talk: October 9, 2022, at the University of the Basque Country, Vitoria, Spain. Topic: “Hazing in the American Old West in Art, Literature and Daily Life.”
Last talk: Ohio State University. One of the principal speakers for the HazingPrevention.org conference, July 2022.
HazingPrevention.org speaker, July 2022.

Scholars, Students, Media Reporters: For years of hazing research, visit the Hank Nuwer SUNY BSC Hazing Research Collection: https://library.buffalostate.edu/archives/nuwer

Contact me at my personal email address: Hnuwer@Hanknuwer.com

Hank Nuwer, one of the proncipal speakers, HazingPrevention.org conference, Ohio State, 2022

“Hazing can have tragic consequences. Hank Nuwer … is perhaps the world’s leading authority on the subject.” Guy Adams, The Independent


Lianne Kowiak, Hank Nuwer, Malgorzata Wroblewska-Nuwer (Gosia) Nuwer. Greer, SC,
2018 Have your students read Hank’s books on hazing  prior to his arrival.
  • From Eric Pope of Rochester Institute of Technology: “RIT’s Fraternity & Sorority Life was honored to have the internationally renowned hazing prevention expert, Hank Nuwer, as our Hazing Prevention Week Keynote speaker. Professor Nuwer was able to share powerful stories on how hazing has impacted the lives of not only the victims but the families, friends, and others which really hit home to our community. . . .Hearing the stories about how others have suffered has only strengthened my resolve to continue fighting against this evil. “ 
Hank Nuwer batting in Montreal Expos training camp, 1981, for Denver magazine; photo by Max Aguilera Hellweg.


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