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Recent Investigative Journalism: Clery Center’s Wall of Silence on a Staffer’s Alleged Embezzlement

Recent Investigative Journalism: A High School Downplays and Covers up Details in Lacrosse Hazing

Breaking News: Can a university shut down all Greek Life forever for hazing and hazing deaths?  Another one just did. 

Teaching Journalism: Hank Nuwer’s SPJ Introduction to Shield Law Protection

Hank Nuwer writings on hazing

Interviews with authors, playwrights and poets:

Hank Nuwer: Sports features
Hank Nuwer: Tributes
Hank Nuwer Columns
Nuwer: Short Fiction: The Wicked Witch of the East Side: 
Hank Nuwer Features
Hank Nuwer, writer

Scholarship and Miscellaneous Publications:

2022 (anticipated): A scholarly biography and appreciation of  Kurt Vonnegut.

2021: Hank Nuwer’s SPJ Introduction to Shield Law Protection

2021 (anticipated): Hazing in American Culture (Publisher ABC-CLIO).

2020: Nuwer Hank: “Rereading Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five,” The Limberlost Review.

June 2019: Nuwer Hank. Presentation on Conference-agenda at a Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski conference in Warsaw Poland. Coming out in a book chapter on the proceedings.

2019: Nuwer, Hank. Review of “Echeverria” by Gertrude Skivington, Western American Literature, University of Nebraska Press, Spring 2019.

2019: Completing final draft of a full-length play “The Monster,” an adaptation of a Stephen Crane novella.

2018: Editor and contributor to “Hazing: Destroying Young Lives” (Indiana University Press).

2018: Wrote forward to “Building Up without Tearing Down: How to Cultivate Heroic Leadership in You and Your Organization by Chad Ellsworth (Aviva Publishing).

2018: Nicoletti, John and Hank Nuwer (Hazing essay). “Violence Goes to College,” Thomas Publishers), 2009 and 2015 (second edition) and 2018 (third edition).

2018: Nuwer, Hank. “Poland Must Preserve Its Constitution,” “,” July 5, 2018.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. Quoted in “Blood, Bone and Marrow: A Biography of Harry Crews” by Ted Geltner (University of Georgia Press).

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Hazing Death No Longer Shrugged off by Juries,” “,” December 26, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Penn State’s Tim Bream: Betrayed by the Brotherhood,” “,” September 15, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Penn State University’s Tarnished Lions,” “,” September 4, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Must the USA Endure 50 Years of Hazing Deaths?” “, “September 1, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “The European Commission Digs a Line in he Sand Against Poland,” “,” July 26, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Is Poland’s Departure from the European Union Inevitable?” “, “July 26, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Trump Fiddled while Democracy Burned in Poland,” “, “July 21, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “Parent Alert: Check Out Your Kids’ Camp for Hazing Masked as Pranks,” “,” July 5, 2017.

2017: Nuwer, Hank. “A Quiet Protest to Raise Hazing Awareness,” “,” June 23, 2017.

2016: Published “Maurice Sendak Q & A” in “Conversations with Maurice Sendak,” edited by Peter C. Kunze (University Press of Mississippi). Free download.

2015: Published one-act play “A Broken Pledge” (Shalako Press). Author: Nuwer; Director: Ray Begovich. Performed twice at University of Cincinnati and once at Buffalo State College. VIDEO Performance.

Nuwer, Hank. “Hazing in Fraternities and Sororities,” “International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavorial Sciences,” 2nd ed., vol. 10.

Nuwer, Hank. “Challenges Being Made to Licensure Exam Following Educator Frustration, “,” December 8, 2015.

Nuwer, Hank. “Elegy for an Indianapolis Mad Dog,” “,” October 23, 2015.

Nuwer, Hank. “Seeing the Writing on the Wall,” “,” October 7, 2015.

Nuwer, Hank. “On Not Judging by Appearances,” “,”October 1, 2015.

Nuwer, Hank. “Unsafe at Any Speed: Volkswagen’s Emission Scandal,” “,” September 24, 2015.

Nuwer, Hank and Tracy Maxwell, “Hazing,” “World Book Encyclopedia,” 2014.

Nuwer, Hank.“Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey” (Shalako Press), 2013.

Nuwer, Hank. “A Band Hazing May Forever Increase the Legal Consequences for Hazing Deaths,” “Fraternal Law,” January 2012.

. “What’s the life of a dead fraternity pledge worth?–$1,000,” “Orlando Sentinel,” July 11, 2012.

2009: Nuwer, Hank and Fraser Drew.“One Long Wild Conversation,” Buffalo State Library.

2009: Nuwer, Hank. “The Freelance Writer’s Desktop Companion” (Alta Villa Publishing).

2007: Nuwer, Hank. “Vonnegut’s Home Forever,” Indianapolis Star, April 13, 2007.

2006: Nuwer, Hank. “Literary Journalism,” in “Real Feature Writing” by Abe Aamidor, (Routledge), 2006.

2004:  Nuwer, Hank. “The Hazing Reader” (Indiana University Press).

2004: “Nuwer, Hank . “At the Crest: A History of Cedar Crest (PA) College” (CC Alumni Press).

2002: Nuwer, Hank. “To the Young Writer” (Grolier/Franklin Watts).

2002: Nuwer, Hank. “The Man Whose Soul Is Not for Sale: Jim Harrison,” in DeMott, Robert, “Conversations with Jim Harrison,” UP of Mississippi.

2001: Nuwer Hank, “Broken Pledges” essay in Hallman Bryant, Understanding a Separate Peace, Greenwood Press.

2001: Nuwer, Hank. “A Matter of Perception,” “David Mamet in Conversation,” University of Michigan Press, 2001.

1999: Nuwer, Hank . “The Writer Who Plays with Pain,” in Bledsoe, Erik (ed.). Getting Naked With Harry Crews: Selected Interviews, University of Florida Press.

1999 (Second revised edition 2001): “Nuwer, Hank. Wrongs of Passage: Fraternities, Sororities, Hazing and Binge Drinking” (Indiana University Press).

2000: Nuwer, Hank. “High School Hazing” (Scholastic Press), 2000.

1998: Nuwer, Hank. “The Legend of Jesse Owens” (Grolier/Franklin Watts), 1998.

1995: Nuwer, Hank. “How to Write Like an Expert About Anything” (Writer’s Digest Books), 1995.

1995: “Comes a Horseman-Poet: An Interview with Henry Taylor” in The South Carolina Review, Fall 1994/Spring 1995.

1990: Nuwer, Hank. “Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing “(Longstreet Press), 1990.

1990: Nuwer, Hank. “Steroids (Franklin Watts), 1990.

1990: Nuwer, Hank, “Elbert Hubbard,” in Riley, Sam. “American Magazine Journalists,” (Detroit: Gale), No. 91.

1989: Nuwer, Hank in Allen, William Rodney (ed.) Conversations with Kurt Vonnegut (University of Mississipi Press), 1989.

1989: Nuwer Hank, “Limitations and Infinities” in “The Voiced Connections of James Dickey: Interviews and Conversations,” Edited by Ronald Baughman (University of South Carolina Press).

  1. Nuwer, Hank. “A Conversation with George Plimpton,” “Ball State University Forum,” Summer 1989.

1988: Nuwer, Hank. “Rendezvousing with Contemporary Authors “(Idaho State University Press).

1988: “Tom Wolfe and the Agrarians” presented at Tom Wolfe Symposium, Randolph-Macon, 1988.

1987: Nuwer, Hank. “A Skull Session with Kurt Vonnegut,” “South Carolina Review,” Spring 1987.

1986: Nuwer, Hank and Robert Waite , editor. “Rendezvous at the Ezra Pound Centennial Conference,” Idaho State University Press).

1986: Nuwer, Hank. “An Appreciation of Ezra Pound, Editor” in Rendezvous at the Ezra Pound Centennial Conference;( Idaho State University Press).

1984: Nuwer, Hank . Jack Schaefer Interview in Shane: The Critical Edition (University of Nebraska Press) by Work, James C. (ed.).

1976: “Robinson Jeffers’ Influence on Walter Van Tilburg Clark” in Robinson Jeffers Newsletter, Number 44, March 1976.

1976: “Ice Breaking” in Shoptalk (Kansas State University Freshman Composition periodical), 1976.

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