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Will Work for Greek “Letters”: Southern students sound off pro and con on pro-hazing column


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I agree with DJ for the most part. People know what they are getting into when they decided to join greek organizations at the undergrad level. When you are going through your pledging process you are asked several times what you are willing to take and what you are willing to do. You are allowed to say “NO” at anytime and stop the process. Since his Dad was also a Kappa he should have been aware that it was not going to be an easy route. Once he realized that his big brothers were being extreme he should have no longer went on with the process. I know many young ladies who wanted to join my sorority in college but were not willing to go through a process. They made comments all the time: “I’m not letting no one hit on me!” “I aint buying nobody food!” “I aint staying up late!” Since they were not willing to work for the letters those young ladies just went over after we graduated in a local grad chapter where they did not have to “go through” anything. People need to realize that it really depends on the person to determine what you will and will not do. Although the Kappa members at FAMU were wrong and extreme they do not deserve two years in jail and a felony charge. This is going to prevent them from even having a quality of life after they get out of jail. This is extreme. You have people who rob, steal, and sell drugs that dont get punishments that are this harsh…………

By Hank Nuwer

Journalist Hank Nuwer is the Alaska author of Hazing: Destroying Young Lives; Broken Pledges: The Deadly Rite of Hazing, High School Hazing, Wrongs of Passage and The Hazing Reader. In April of 2024, the Alaska Press Club awarded him first place in the Best Columnist division and Best Humorist, second place.

He has written articles or columns on hazing for the Sunday Times of India, Toronto Globe & Mail, Harper's Magazine, Orlando Sentinel, The Chronicle of Higher Education and the New York Times Sunday Magazine. His current book is Hazing: Destroying Young Lives from Indiana University Press. He is married to Malgorzata Wroblewska Nuwer of Warsaw, Poland and Fairbanks, Alaska. Nuwer is a former columnist for the Greenville (Ohio)Early Bird and former managing editor of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner in Alaska.
Nuwer was named the Ohio Society of Professional Journalists columnist of the year in 2021 for his “After Darke” column in the Early Bird. He also won third place for the column in 2022 from the Indiana chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. He and his wife Gosia, recently of Union City, Ind., have owned 20 acres in Alaska for many years. “The move is a sort-of coming home for us,” said Nuwer. As a journalist, he’s written about the Alaskan Iditarod sled-dog race and other Alaska topics. Read his musings in his blog at Real Alaska Daily-- and in his weekly column "Far from Randolph" in the Winchester Star-Gazette of Randolph County, Indiana.

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