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Brockport student says he was hazed

Paralyzed SUNY Brockport student sues landlord
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A former SUNY Brockport freshman, left paralyzed after he fell from a second-story window at an off-campus party, is suing the landlord of a rooming house called the Roxbury.

Last September, Bryan Parslow fell from a bathroom window of the frat house which is not recognized by the college.

The lawsuit filed in state Supreme Court claims the party was part of a hazing process for pledges. It accuses the property owner of not installing a window screen which might have prevented the fall.

It also accuses 23 students, along with the national and local chapter of the Sigma Alpha Fraternity of supplying alcohol to Parslow and encouraging him to drink.

In December, Brockport Police arrested seven students, also named in this current lawsuit, but they only faced alcohol-related charges.

The landlord had no comment.

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