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8/27/23: Breaking News:India “ragging”-connected death draws calls for end to hazing and bullying. Stripped, bullied and abused with homophobic slurs: The two-hour ordeal that ended in a student’s death
“Police have arrested 13 people over the so-called ‘hazing’ incident that resulted in the death of a 17-year-old first-year student and could bring charges under India’s tough child protection laws.” Namita Singh reports.


More News:

Padyot “Prem” Chonphakdi died Sunday after being beaten while intoxicated, told reporters that he turned down the parents of the the seven students when they approached him yesterday. The hazing ritual occurred at Rajamangala University Technology of Isan where first-year students were forced to drink excessively then beaten.

Thailand: Police are investigating the beating of a senior student who may have resisted partaking in a planned hazing of new students. Veeraphan “Pleum” Tamklang allegedly was beaten on campus at   at the Rajamangala University of Technology Tawan-ok in Bangkok.

UPDATE (6/9/21) A death that should be classified as involuntary manslaughter is brushed off by Det. Sgt. David McCoy.  British rugby athlete and student Sam Potter died from alcohol intoxication after a pub-fueled initiation. (Glouchester).

Sanda Dia update: Court on June 7 for defendants

To be uploaded soon: Rahat Jahil,    Cornell police close case. Close call at Iowa Acacia, Trial in France over Death,   LSU suicide under investigation;   LSU close call; Clay Muehlstein back in jail; U.Conn Fiji expelled after 2020 close call. And a hazing death in Belgium: Sanda Dias at K.U. Leuven. Cheerleader death in Phuket




Medical School Hazing

Adelaide, Australia

Drowning by hazing prank

John Gregory Neill, a medical student who could not swim, perished after upperclass students threw him into the River Torrens, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.


1960) Sir George Williams University (Montreal, Canada)

Freshman hazing

Michael Levine, 17, was sentenced by a kangaroo court to run like a track star for freshman orientation. He wore a sign around his neck saying that his name was Herb Elliot, the Australian runner. After running some eight blocks, he climbed onto a statue of Edward VII to make a spoof speech announcing his retirement from racing. At that point he collapsed and died from an unspecified condition.

Michael Levine



2018) Mactumactza Rural Teachers Training School

Tuxtla Guitierrez, Chiapas, Mexico

Death from renal failure after alleged physical hazing

Jose Luis Hernandez, one of three first-year students to collapse from renal failure following alleged extreme physical demands in a hazing, has died. The death is under investiation.

2018) Guadalupe J. Aguilera (Teachers College)

Durango, Mexico

Death of a student who collapsed during a seven-day orientation hazing Under investigation by police is the death of Ronaldo Mujica Morales who collapsed and died after allegedly being deprived of sleep and coerced or encouraged to drink alcohol. The school’s director is under police investigation according to media accounts.



2020) The Inquirer: Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines  — Zamboanga City High School West senior Joselito Fernandez Envidiado of Barangay San Jose Gusu died during fraternity hazing on Nov. 15, 2020, according to Zamboanga City police.

2020) The Sorsogon Police Provincial Office identified Omer Despabiladeras, who underwent initiation rites of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity Bulan Chapter on February 16, 2020.

2019) Darwin Dormitorio, Philippine Military Academy, Cadet 4th Class, cardiac arrest with complications from internal bleeding.

2017) Horatio Castillo III, 22, Aegis Juris, University of Santo Tomas

2015) Anthony Javier, Tau Gamma Western Mindango State University

2015) Christian Dela Cruz, True Brown Style

2014) Ariel Inoffe, 20, Tau Gamma Phi

2014) Guillo Servando, 18, Tau Gamma Phi, De La Salle, College of St. Benilde. Died from injuries during beatings.

2014 Ronel de Guzman, 20, of Hagonoy, Bulacan was taken to an empty lot at a Tau Gamma Phi initiation. He did not survive the beating.

2013) John Mark Dugan, 19, sophomore marine cadet in the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific.

2012) Marc Andre Marcos, 20, Lex Leonum, San Beda College. Members were cleared.

2012) Marvin Reglos, 25, San Beda law student, Lambda Rho Beta

2011) Nor Silongan, 16, a Criminology student in Sultan Kudarat, was mauled to death in an isolated area at a Tau Gamma Phi initiation

2010) E. J. Karl Intia, University of Makati, Alpha Phi Omega. His body was tossed into a ravine.

2010) Menardo Clamucha, Jr., 18, Kapatiran Ng Mga Kabataang Krim Inolohiya, Univ. of Iloilo.

2010) Noel Borja Jr., 15, an elementary education student and neophyte was reportedly assaulted to death by members of Tau Gamma Phi. The brotherhood learned that Borja’s parents belonged to rival Alpha Kappa Rho fraternity.

2010) Daniel Lorenz Jacinto, 19, from the Mapua Institute of Technology, Trece Martires, Cavite, died from severe bruises on his thighs and body allegedly from the Cavite Cardinals initiation.

2009) Glacy Monique Dimaranan, a 15-year-old girl who died of a single gunshot wound in the head during initiation rites. A member of the Scout Royal Brotherhood (highschool version of the APO) in Laguna accidentally pulled the trigger of the gun he was pointing at the victim.

2009) Elvis Sikaluan, 21, Scout Royal Brotherhood, Alpha Phi Omega.

2009) (military) Josephus Dele Rosa, 23, Light Armor Division,

2009) John Daniel Samparanda, 18, a student of Lyceum, Cavite, suffered severe leg beatings inflicted at Tau Gamma Phi rites. He died in October 2009.

2009) Elvin Sinaluan, 21, a Scout Royal Brotherhood recruit, died reportedly in brutal rites where initiates “were hit by paddle every 30 seconds for two hours,” said authorities.

2009) Karl Anthony Gaudicos, 18. An engineering student of the Holy Cross of Davao College who died in hazing activities under the Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma.

2009) Karl Anthony Gaudicos, 18. An engineering student of the Holy Cross of Davao College who died in hazing activities under the Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma, according to accusations made by his uncle..

2008) Chester Paulo Abracias, a Marine Technology sophomore at the Enverga University, Lucena City, was paddled to death during a Tau Gamma Phi initiation.A member who surrendered and requested anonymity received death threats.

2007) Cris Anthony Mendez, 21, a Sigma Rho initiate from the UP National College of Public Administration and Governance, was declared dead on arrival at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center. Dr. Francisco Cruz, who brought the Sigma Rho initiate, faced a civil case from the Mendez family. Fifteen fratmen were investigated. The case is pending at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court.

2007) Jan Angelo Dollete, 21. A 5th-year Engineering student from Capiz State University died during the final initiation of APO from severe contusions all over the body “inflicted by many.”

2006) Clark Anson Silverio, a UP mechanical engineering student, was declared dead on arrival at the Manila Sanitarium Hospital after reported initiations by Tau Gamma Phi .

2006) Marlon Villanueva, 21, an agriculture economics student from UP Los Baños. Two were found guilty of violating the hazing law.

2006) Dan Robert Talibutab, a criminology student from St. Therese College, Iloilo, was believed to be a hazing victim of the non-accredited school organization Kapatiran ng Kabataan sa Kriminolohiya.

2004) Mark Welson Chua, a UST student who exposed corruption among Reserve Officers’ Training Corps officials, was killed by a fellow student. Defendants during the trial claimed that Chua died in fraternity hazing rites.

2003) Emerson Berry Jr., 16, fourth year student from the Casanayan National High School, was beaten to death in initiation rites of the Beta Sigma Rho brotherhood in Pilar, Capiz.

2002) Two PMA cadets were convicted of homicide in 23-year-old Edward Domingo’s death and sentenced to 12 years in prison

2001) Rafael Root Albano III, an aspiring doctor, was believed by authorities to be killed by members of the Sigma Mu, a fraternity of medical doctors in FEU, Laguna.

2001) Fernando Balidoy, 18, probationary midshipman, died as he was undergoing initiation conducted by upperclassmen of the Philippine Merchant Marine Academy.

2001) Monico de Guzman, a Philippine Military Academy (PMA) plebe whose death was attributed to illness by officials. His father, however, disputed that claim and believes his son died from the notorious “beat attack” on entrants in boot camp.

2001) Edward Domingo, 23. The Camiling, Tarlac native and PMA cadet reportedly died of cardio-respiratory attack due to injuries he suffered from hard blows to the lower part of the rib cage. Two cadets were convicted for homicide.2000)

2000) Ace Bernabe Ekid, 21, was pronounced dead from heatstroke due to rigorous training exercises at the PMA. His family blamed hazing.

1998) Alexander Miguel Icasiano of UP Alpha Phi Beta

1998) Mark Roland Martin of Epsilon Chi, University of the Philippines, Dilman.

1995) Karl Anthony Gaudicos, 18. An engineering student of the Holy Cross of Davao College who died in hazing activities under the Tau Gamma Phi and Tau Gamma Sigma.

1994) Dennis Venturina, Sigma Rho, University of the Philippines (UP).

1992) Joselito Hernandez, Scintilla Juris, University of the Philippines.

1991) Lenny Villa, Aquila Legis, Ateneo de Manila.

1984) Arbel Liwag, Beta Sigma, University of the Philippines.

1977) Rolando Abad, APO, University of the Philippines.

1969) Rolando Perez, Upsilon Sigma Phi, University of the Philippines.

1967) Ferdinand Tabtab, APO, University of the Philippines.

1954) Gonzalo Mariano Albert, Upsilon Sigma Phi, appendix burst during beating, and he died in emergency room.


Country by Country Hazing News.

Nurse Hazing in Korea. March 11, 2021

Another death in Philippines

A death and a trial in France (11/22/20)

New (10/4/20): a shocking hazing death in Belgium: Sanda Dias at K.U. Leuven

Phuket cheerleader dies in hazing

Australian awarded damages in alleyway rape after dorm hazing “game”

Serious charges in Philippines: excerpt from Philippines News Agency: “MANILA – The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) on Thursday said the indictment of two former cadets and three officials of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) for murder and hazing charges is a welcome development in the pursuit of justice for slain Cadet 4th Class Darwin Dormitorio.”

New scholarship on hazing from Innsbruck: “Greek Life”: Greek-letter Student Societies in the United States Higher Education System on the Local and National Scale Martin Schefzik Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck

Der Spiegel expose: KNIET NIEDER!

Germany hazing; Der Spiegel copy–derspiegel

Great Britain considers hazing in USA groups, “Burning Sands” review

Hazing v. orientation programs in South Africa. A student’s death draws a family’s ire.

Abhorrent behavior reported in Canada

Hazing in British schools escalates

Ragging in India: seniors jailed and heads shaved

Rugby death
University of Gloucestershire student Samuel Potter, 19

Rugby initiation claims a life.

Hank Nuwer interview with Russian TV

A second cadet death in the Philippines. Cause not hazing but complete lack of supervising

BBC’s “The Pledge”: audio podcast

Russian soldier’s mass murders may be linked to hazing

Court martial almost a certainty

Dhaka newspaper condemns student hazing

Deaths of Plebes 1978-2019. A Hazing Death of a cadet in Philippines: Darwin Dormitorio. Duterte pessimistic.

Hazing abuses of first-year students in Thailand

The death of Ed Farmer in an initiation in England

Sweden’s hazing issues

Spain in the news for hazing


Hank Nuwer interviews, International

The Guardian

Der Spiegel, Germany, May 24, 2007

Das tatsächliche Ausmaß derartiger Praktiken in US-Studentenverbindungen ist unklar. Nur eines ist sicher: Hazing hat Tradition. Der Journalist Hank Nuwer, der in den siebziger Jahren zu recherchieren begann, datiert den ersten von über 100 Fällen mit tödlichem Ausgang auf das Jahr 1838 in Kentucky. Die Liste der Methoden für das, was in Europa schon seit dem 15. Jahrhundert unter Studenten praktiziert worden sein soll, ist lang und reicht von Brandmarken mit Zigaretten und glühenden Eisen über das Wälzen in Fäkalien und Erbrochenem bis hin zu sexueller Gewalt und Elektroschocks.

Der Spiegel, Germany, October 16, 2013

Le professeur Hank Nuwer, auteur de Hazing : Destroying Young Lives, est l’un des experts sur ce sujet. D’après les statistiques qu’il a recueillies, il y a eu 40 décès dans des circonstances semblables, avec l’excès d’alcool comme cause du décès, aux États-Unis entre 2007 et 2017. Par conséquent, dans tous les États sauf six il y a maintenant des lois contre les initiations extrêmes et dans dix États ces activités sont considérées comme des délits mineurs ou des crimes si elles entraînent des dommages corporels.

Le professeur Nuwer m’a dit qu’il a commencé à écrire sur ce sujet et à sensibiliser la population après le décès d’un étudiant à l’Université du Nevada, à Reno, où il avait lui-même étudié et joué au rugby et au baseball. Il se souvient aussi d’être intervenu quand il a vu un jeune homme « avec de l’écume qui sortait de la bouche après avoir bu de l’alcool de maïs à 95 % ».

Corriere dela Sera

Un mese orribile, insomma, ma queste cinque storie non sono isolate: si tratta di hazing death, morti dovuti ai riti di iniziazione e alle eccessive quantità di alcol consumato — spesso illegalmente: i ragazzi non potrebbero bere fino a 21 anni — alle feste delle confraternite. Gran parte delle vittime infatti sono matricole, sottoposte a rituali selvaggi per entrare a far parte del gruppo. Secondo Hank Nuwer, professore del Franklin College che cura un database di questi incidenti, sono oltre 45 i casi nell’ultimo decennio e circa 250 dall’Ottocento a oggi: c’è chi è morto di polmonite, chi per gli sforzi fisici, chi sotto un treno, chi è affogato e chi per abuso di alcol o droga.


Os Estados Unidos também tentam minorar o problema pela via legal – e têm falhado igualmente. Em 44 estados, o trote já é considerado crime. Contudo, 29 estudantes morreram vítimas de trotes violentos…

Leia mais em:

Em 44 estados, o trote já é considerado crime. Contudo, 29 estudantes morreram vítimas de trotes violentos na última década, cinco deles só em 2008, segundo levantamento de Hank Nuwer, professor do Franklin College

Leia mais em:


El Confidencial

El experto en fraternidades y acoso universitario, el profesor Hank Nuwer, explica a El Confidencial las pruebas de acceso a la hermandad. “Durante las décadas que he estado estudiando la novatada, he escuchado a miembros de bandas y fraternidades decir que no tenían otra elección aparte de capitular y hacer cosas que muchos lamentaron”. Recuerda cómo algunos miembros murieron ahogados o atropellados al intentar superar “pruebas de valentía”.

Nuwer afirma que ocho de cada diez novatadas que han acabado con un muerto (60 casos desde 2005) están relacionadas con el excesivo consumo de alcohol. Además, exige a las universidades ser “más transparentes, lo que significa que los directores deportivos, entrenadores y administradores no pueden mirar hacia otra parte cuando sale otro caso de novatadas”.



El caso de Estados Unidos. La cultura de las fraternidades y la loca vida universitaria que hemos visto en las películas americanas no es solo un relato ficticio, sino el reflejo de una realidad que tiene lugar año tras año, con el inicio de cada curso. De hecho, el nivel de dureza de las pruebas americanas es tan elevada que el portal dedicado a las novatadas y gestionado por el periodista Hank Nuwer, lleva contabilizando las muertes vinculadas a estas prácticas desde 1959.


En Estados Unidos el asunto cuenta con una regulación férrea, aunque no homogénea. Según los datos del portal del experto en el tema Hank Nuwer, desde 1959 en EEUU se han registrado al menos una muerte al año por novatadas en ámbitos académicos.

Le Point

Mais Hank Nuwer, auteur d’un livre sur le bizutage et qui a répertorié les décès dus au bizutage sur les campus américains depuis 1838, se montre moins optimiste.

“Très peu de gens vont en prison”, dit-il. “Les universités doivent prendre plus de responsabilités”, ajoute-t-il. “Ne vous attendez pas à ce que les gens apprennent de leurs erreurs”.


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