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Wyoming bill closer to passage

Here is the link to the Billings Gazette article and a brief one-time posted excerpt for educational purposes only:

Bullying, hazing bills clear panel

CHEYENNE – Bills that seek to rein in hazing at college and bullying in schools cleared the Senate Education Committee on Monday.

One bill would make hazing a crime if it caused physical injury. The other would require school districts to implement policies to fight bullying.

Rep. Jane Warren, D-Laramie, said 48 percent of Wyoming high school students involved in extracurricular activities report being hazed. In college, she said, 5 percent report being hazed, and 50 percent of women’s Division I athletes say they’ve been hazed.

The penalty for hazing causing injury – which would include excessive drinking – would be up to six months in prison and/or a $750 fine.