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Study Guide for Discussion of “Into Thin Air” by Jon Krakauer


All:  I hope the questions posted on the page helped you:



Just make notes for yourself.  No need to send me the answers.  I hope for a lively debate.


  • Why is the lead (first two grafs) more like a conclusion in an ordinary feature?
  • Hard question. Did the presence of journalist Jon Krakauer and the female journalist Sandy Pittman ultimately endanger other climbers?  How did Sherpa Lopsang Jangbu Sherpa violate his ethical duties by short roping Sandy Pittman to keep her going when she should have turned back?
  • What does Beck Weathers conceal that ultimately puts him into danger and slows the progress of his companions?
  • Rob Hall was the highly respected king of Everest group leaders. What led to his downfall and death?  How did his favoritism for one team member (Doug Hansen) turn into a catastrophe after he violated his own deadline?
  • How did the presence of so many ill-led expeditions put the climbers into jeopardy?
  • On deadline for Outside, Krakauer makes the reporting mistake of his life. (He acknowledges the error in his later book). He thought guide Andy Harris had fallen off the mountain in the storm. Instead, the guide died trying to save Rob Hall.
  • What was wrong with Scott Fischer’s guide Anatoli insisting on climbing without supplemental oxygen?
  • The most complex stories you will ever tell as a journalist involve scandals best termed as a fiasco. How could this tragedy have been prevented?
  • Discuss the ethics here: Climbers on  Everest have a good chance of dying.  In fact, the dead are seldom removed from Everest. They greet the climbers.  Is this a legitimate and ethical chance for climbers to take?
Hazing News

ABC13: Bowling Green’s Jacob Krinn gets mild punishment in Pi Kappa Alpha Stone Foltz death

Jacob Krinn, Foltz’s “big,” was sentenced to 42 days in jail and 100 hours of community service after a jury found him guilty of several misdemeanor charges including obstructing officials business, hazing, and failure to comply with underage alcohol laws. The judge suspended other time in the sentence and ordered Krinn not to have any contact with the Foltz family.

“We will never know why Mr. Krinn never helped Stone the night of March 4, 2021 with assisting him in drinking the family bottle or why he never poured any of the alcohol out, similar to what the other bigs did for their littles that night,” mother Shari Foltz said. “Instead we know Mr. Krinn cheered Stone on and coerced him into drinking the entire bottle. He was proud of Stone and he used him for the spotlight.”

Troy Henricksen was sentenced to 42 days in jail and 28 days of house arrest after a jury found him guilty of eight counts of misdemeanor hazing and seven counts of failure to comply with underage drinking laws.

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Bowling Green Fiji

Report from the BGSU student paper.

“BGSU suspended the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity on April 22 for multiple violations of the Student Code of Conduct including hazing and providing alcohol to students and new members under 21 years old.

The fraternity will be unable to seek re-recognition until the fall semester of 2025 to ensure the current members cannot participate in the chapter, according to a statement from BGSU Spokesperson and Deputy Chief of Staff Alex Solis.”

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Sentencing following death of sorority member Gracie Dimit: WCYB

Ms. Salyer on Emory & Henry basketball team

Here is the Link

Lauren Salyer entered an Alford plea to involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving.

Salyer did not admit guilt but acknowledged there was enough evidence to convict her.

Salyer must serve 4 months in jail for the reckless driving conviction. Eight months of the one-year sentence was suspended. For the involuntary manslaughter conviction, Salyer must serve 5 years of probation, perform 300 hours of community service with first responders, issue a letter of apology to the family, and take a driver’s improvement course. Her license was suspended for a year.