Hazing News

Niagara Gazette: News summary and update on Wilson High School

The Niagara Gazette reported that the closed-door trial for two 18-year-old defendants resumes Monday.

The way the trial is being handled is totally removed from the open trial of those students found guilty of multiple charges in an incident involving Robertson HS in New Mexico.

The paper noted that an additional July 6 trial involving baseball coaches William M. Atlas and Thomas J. Baia will be heard by Town Justice Town Justice George R. Berger. Charges are three counts of endangering the welfare of a child during a much-disputed hazing allegation made by a younger player.

According to the Gazette, “Witnesses for the defense may be called Monday, according to Andrew Vona, the attorney for Christopher Sidote, and Kevin P. Shelby, the attorney for Colton Sherman. The third defendant, Geoffrey A. Seefeldt, 19, pleaded guilty on a plea deal.

Sherman and Sidote, have been charged with forcible touching and first- and second-degree hazing. Whatever the decision of Berger, the record will be sealed. The defendants will not have a criminal record.”

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