Hazing News

Apology from Phi Kappa Tau at Wright State


Former Greek Affair Council (GAC) President, Matt Ames is now responding on Phi Kappa Tau’s behalf.

Phi Kappa Tau received a hazing violation after organizing an activity they later realized qualified as a scavenger hunt for pledges during fall quarter, but not all members were involved and the activity was completely dry, said Ames.

Both the fraternity itself, and the individual who organized the scavenger hunt were charged.
Ames was not personally charged with anything as a result of the incident but was removed from his position as GAC president.

Ames approved the activity even though he did not participate.

“In hindsight we see that it was qualified as a scavenger hunt which is against the rules and for that the organization and I both apologize,” said Ames.